We insist that riders wear helmets to all of our coaches sessions and we’re delighted that in almost all schools now the culture seems to be that if we’re riding a bike, then we’re wearing a helmet.

There are still a few reluctant riders out there, after all being 10 years old and super cool go hand in hand.

So, we’ve been looking around for some good alternatives to wearing the traditional helmets and we’ve decided to stock a couple so people can buy them from us before their sessions.

First up, the Kiddimoto helmets. These look like skateboard style helmets, and come in a range of awesome colours, but they also have an adjustable headband inside…so they actually fit! The amount of times that riders helmets are wobbling around and even falling off during sessions is incredible and it’s really off-putting to the riders. So, if your little rider wants the skate look, and you want the safety, then this is the helmet for you.

They retail at £25 too which is a bit of a bargain.

Next up, the Lazer P-Nut and Nutz range. These are great because they self adjust to fit riders heads, so there’s no adjusting, no fiddling, no complaining that the helmets too tight etc. You just plonk it on and the built in cables tighten themselves round the head and away you go. You do need to spend 5 minutes adjusting the straps, but these are nice and easy to do too.

Again, they come in a load of different colours to suit, and look pretty cool. These are super light and airy too so ideal for riding in hot conditions.

They retail between £25 and £35 depending on size.

If you’d like to order one in readiness for your school session then you’ll need to give us a weeks notice to make sure we can get them delivered on time.

Happy riding everyone

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