Altitude training simulation block – Open start date

Using an altitude simulation machine, you will wear a mask on a Watt Bike and will conduct an hours training in our lab. The advantages of altitude training on the body are widely reported, but in simple terms, by using our simulator you can work at height of between 2000 and 3000 metres, at this height your body produces more haemoglobin and this increase in red blood cells helps to improve performance at sea level.

It’s tough to train at this height so you’ll need to ease into it, so we suggest a regular session on the simulator to get the benefits. We have a 6 week programme which aims to gradually increase the workload and produce maximum haemoglobin production.

3 times a week on our simulator is tough, but benefits are huge so if you’re looking for an extra dimension to your training get in touch to discuss options.

6 week block, 3 sessions per week, £630

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