cycling parties

Cycling Parties

Our birthday parties are ideal for those looking for an outdoor activity for their young person and their friends on their special day.

We can turn your village hall or school playground into a high octane, adventure filled race track, with games, obstacle races and even bubble bike activities for up to 12 riders (or scooters)

Or if you prefer, we can take your group to one of the myriad of world class cycle venues we have nearby, from Mountain Biking at Ashton Court to indoor riding on the Veledrome in Newport or BMXing on an Olympic standard track…we have activities to suit all ages and abilities.

Cycling Parties

We have a whole range of different activities that will challenge and stimulate your group and keep them smiling and engaged throughout, whatever their fitness and skill level.

We can also supply a professional pit-style gazebo and a table for you to set up a picnic and cake. We have bikes and helmets to hire and we even have music to keep the party flowing.

If you have a date and need a quote then get in touch using the form below. Give us an idea of ages and type of activity you’d like (mountain biking, playground based, BMX etc) and we’ll send you some more information.

cycling parties

Safe Cycling Activities Guranteed Fun while Learning

Cycling Event Organisers for both road, gravel and Bike Racing Cycling Events, Teaching to Ride Safely, bringing the cycling Community together for all ages. The company is run by ex TeamGB Triathlete Marc Molloy who has over a decade of racing, riding and training experience.

Cycling Courses UK

Sole Cycling offers cycling courses for all ages. It’s Sister company runs cyclings for EYFS courses. Cyclist Marc Molly is deemed as an ex-Professional sports triathlete and has over a decade of racing, riding, events and courses for cycling safety, fitness and preparing for your cycling event.

  • Cycling Preparation Courses
  • Health & Safety for Cyclists
  • Cycling Courses for Maintenance
  • Cycling Courses for EYFS
  • One2One Training Plans
  • Cycling Nutrition for Endurance Riding and Competitions