Women Only Courses – Coming Soon

cycling courses for women

Women Only Courses

Since 2007 when we started out, cycling has become more and more popular and we are delighted to have created innovative and interesting courses for a whole range of different groups, none more so than our rather magnificent course aimed at helping groups of women to feel more confident at starting their cycling journey.

Our courses cover a wide range of different elements of cycling and aim to help demystify some of the perceived barriers to entry that all new riders face, but in an environment where they are surrounded by other women also learning the ropes for the first time.

Our course is completely bespoke depending on your current level of riding, but can include practical courses and seminars on the following subjects:

Which type of riding? What sort of riding best suits me and how will this affect my training and development?

Clothing, the best clothing to wear for different cycling disciplines…there’s more to cycling than just lycra shorts.

Nutrition. Looking at the best way to fuel yourself both on the bike and pre and post ride.

Off-Road riding. Building up skills in safe off-road environments, focusing on core skills such as navigating and bike control, riding with one hand, looking over the shoulder and building up speed prior to riding on the road.

Road-Riding. Taking the first step onto the road, building up road skills such as riding in traffic and  increasing the miles.

Entering your first event. We all feel a bit intimidated when we enter our first event and cycling has a myriad of technical language and nuances for you to understand, so we help take the anxiety away by supporting you through every element of your first event.

All of these courses are aimed at Women only, so feel free to sign up with a group of friends, or join one of our existing courses to come along and meet some new women who are all keen to start their cycling adventure with you.