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Bikeability Level 3 Adults only course

Bikeability is a great way to encourage adult riders to start commuting, or to help those who already ride to work to do so confidently and safely. There is lots of evidence around healthy workplaces and the productivity it brings, and riding to work is an ideal way to start your teams day off, get them energised and also sending an important message about the type of business you are.

If you are thinking about encouraging your employees to ride to work then get in touch, we are able to support them by arranging training and giving seminars about kit choices and other tips as well as helping you to arrange to join a ‘bike to work’ scheme which offers employees tax free salary sacrifice schemes for new bikes and equipment so all your staff are safe, healthy and happy.

We have been proudly delivering Bikeability since 2010. We have full insurance, DBS and risk assessments and copies of all our policies are available on request. These sessions are for a maximum of 3 riders per instructor.

Please note, we can come to your workplace to deliver these session, please contact us to arrange a visit.

Bikeability Cycling Courses Levels 1 2 3 Adults

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