Project Description

Introduction to road riding women only course

Are you a group of women who would like to go on regular rides together but not sure where to get started? Need a bit of confidence before heading out on the road? Need some support to understand all that riding jargon? We are here to help. If you’ve never ridden on the road before it can be very daunting, especially if you’ve not ridden for a few years.

We can fully support you to take your first steps (or pedal strokes) on the road and help you to build confidence and understand the safest way to approach various scenarios you may encounter. Womens cycling courses


Road riding is not all lycra and fancy bikes, it can be done on any bike and there are lots of clothing options to suit all body types. We are happy to guide you through the seemingly endless myriad of choices and demystify some of the confusing terms and ‘rules’ that may seem overwhelming at first. Our aim is to get you ready to ride confidently and safely on the road and on the way to your next cycling adventure.

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