A great friend of ours, Mr Andy Dockrell, has been working on some characters for our new Balance Bike sessions.

Meet – The Cyclings!

Which one is your favourite?

We haven’t come up with any names yet, but we certainly have some great plans for how these little guys are going to help engage the young riders we work with.

Each character will focus on a different aspect of learning to ride a bike, we call these stages Striding, Gliding and Riding, and we have stickers and certificates featuring the characters to help celebrate each stage.

Our first sessions will start after half term and then we will be rolling these out all over the place. We’ve got our own bikes made up, lots of helmets for children to borrow and parents to buy, and of course, lots of cool stickers!

So…we need to name these cool dudes and we’re looking for ideas…who can think of a suitably awesome name for the members of the Cyclings family?