Inspiring Talks

An Inspiring Night

6:30 – 9:30pm on 22nd January 2020 – Hutton Moor Leisure Centre
Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, BS22 8LY

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An Inspiring Night – Tickets £25.00 each:



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We invite you to join us for an evening of inspiration and adventure on January 22nd 2020.

Come and hear from inspiring speakers from all walks of life and all types of sport and get the chance to meet and ask questions of each of our guests. If you are planning your own adventure for 2020 or looking to up your training and looking for some advice on how to get that elusive work-life balance, or maybe you already compete and would like to hear inspiring stories of how other athletes are doing it to help you stay focused through the long winter, whatever your story we have a range of amazing people who will share their experiences with you.

Each speaker will give a thought-provoking talk and a Q and A session afterwards. You will also be able to catch up with them over a complimentary Tea or Coffee in the breaks.

Come and get inspired, we’re looking forward to seeing you.

From 6.30-9.30 at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre.

Tickets cost £25 and are available on the website


Jason Smith is a multi talented adventurer who has completed many amazing challenges including running 7 marathons in 7 days, climbing Mont Blanc and Kilimanjaro and holding the record for sleep deprivation and winning a car in the process. He will be coming to We Adventure to tell us all about his long distance exploits on a bike including completing one of the toughest races on the planet, the Trans Continental, where riders tackle a 2500 mile journey from Germany to Greece. His stories will leave you amazed but will also make you realise that you too can complete your own challenge in 2020.


Kieron Summers is a long distance runner. 8 years ago Kieron was a heavy drinker and did little exercise other than riding his bike to work and back, often via the pub. He started to run for the local running club and is now one of Weston ACs most successful and decorated athletes, with a marathon Personal Best of 2.36 and many local race wins under his belt. Kieron works full time and has 2 children and fits his training around all of his responsibilities. Come and hear the inspiring tale of how he turned his life around and get some tips about how he creates a balance that allows him to race at such a high level without compromising on home life.


Alec Richardson is an open water swimmer and swim coach with many years of experience. He coaches a range of athletes in all aspects of open water swimming and runs several adventure swim trips through the year…all year round…yep even when it drops to 0 degrees in the water! He completed his own amazing adventure when he swam from Penarth to Clevedon across the Bristol Channel, one of the toughest stretches of water in the world. Come and hear from him about how he manages working full time as a teacher, raising 3 boys, volunteering at various clubs, running his own company and completing his own amazing adventures. You will also be able to pick up a copy of his inspiring book ‘Ask me why I’m stood here’ on the night.


Benjamin Peters is an explorer and educator who has been involved in some special projects around the world. He now runs an educational programme in North Somerset, going into schools and inspiring young people to have their own adventures and also educating them about how we can look after our planet and the wildlife that is so precious. Ben now runs WhatsUp, a paddleboarding company that offers free sessions to young people and offers the chance for many adults to get involved in activity themselves. Come and hear inspiring stories of how his adventures have shaped his life and get some ideas about how you can start your own journey.


Marcus Nel is a Top level rugby player and Sports Psychologist. Currently the Weston Rugby Club first team captain as well as Bristol 2nd XV player, he has his own sports psychology practice working with aspiring sports people and those who are just getting started on their journey. Come and hear from him on how the mind can be our most powerful tool and learn some tips on creating a positive environment in which to complete your adventures. Whether you are racing or looking to do a big expedition, spending time working on your mental processes may just be the best addition to your training that you make this year.


Pete White is an open water swimmer and one half of the Sporty Daddy podcast. Suffering from a serious health condition Pete took up swimming as a way to lose weight, regain his fitness and develop a regime to help with his mental health. He has competed at the British National Open Water Championships and continues to swim through the year. Come and hear how he manages full-time work, balances family life with his 2 children and still makes time for swimming and his outdoor life (He’s also the proud owner of a VW Transporter #Vanlife)


Marc Molloy is the founder of We Adventure, Sole Cycling and is the other half of the Sporty Daddy podcast. After a few years of injury he recently returned to competing and qualified for the World Cross Triathlon Championships for 2020. Come and hear stories of his adventures around the UK, Europe and the World and pick up some tips about travelling and competing with a young family in tow.  Marc will also be on hand to tell you about some of the adventures and events you can get involved with in 2020 and give you some top tips on choosing the right adventure for you.


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