cycling badges

Scouting Badges

Scouts, Guides, Cubs, Brownies, Beavers and Rainbows all have the coveted cycling badge to achieve.

We have helped many groups to get their award by running 90 minute to 2 hour sessions at their hall or nearby park and working towards all of the core elements required in the badge book.

Cycling Parties

Typically for the younger riders this means 30-45 minutes of helping them fix their bikes and understand what they need to carry in a cycle repair kit, when to ‘light up’ and how to conduct a safe helmet and clothing check. This is followed by another 45 minutes to an hour of practical riding skills, following a basic obstacle course and playing small games designed to help them work on core skills and balance.

For older riders the badge requirements are a bit stricter, and we can support you to organise sessions, trips and bike maintenance days to get all the required elements. Add in a healthy lifestyles session with the smoothie bikes and a peer to peer coaching session for some younger riders and you have a really meaningful and fun course that they can really engage with.

cycling parties

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