Sole Smoothies!

There is always something going on at Sole Cycling to get excited about, and right now it is our new Smoothie Bikes…Just look at them!

As you all know, we don’t just teach people how to ride bikes. As educational resource providers, we spend a lot of time out and about attending events and conducting seminars on subjects such as Health and Wellbeing.

Our kit just got way more exciting though! These two Smoothie Bikes and the Smoothie Bar have transformed our offering, as we can be more interactive than ever. Why just talk about healthy food and drink when you can make something and taste it yourself!

The participants can choose their ingredients and then once the lid is on the blender…. Pedal away! Within minutes the pedal power will have transformed your fruit and veg into a delicious (Or sometimes not so…. lol) smoothie for you to wrap your taste buds around.

We have already taken them to a handful of sessions that we have delivered, and the feedback has been amazing with people going away motivated and energised.

We cannot wait to unleash them on everyone to let them experience the fun.

Look how bright and shiny they are!