Just a quick blog from the Sole Cycling team to say thank you for all your support in 2019 and to wish you a very Happy and Relaxing Christmas and lots of luck for all your endeavours in 2020.

We’ve had a busy year, transitioning away from some of our projects and getting involved in some amazing new ones, so thank you to everyone who has continued to support us and buy into our ethos of helping as many people as we can to get active, to use sport for good and to inspire as many people as we can to get on their bikes and get out on their own adventures.

We have more exciting plans for next year, so thanks to those who have been helping build all the new projects.

We’re delighted to have a brand new website which has details of all our programmes on there, our work with schools, with the Police and Communities as well as some amazing trips and inspirational talks for adults.

Please do have a look if you have a minute www.solecycling.co.uk

Thanks once again to all, we are proud to work alongside all our colleagues in the South West and beyond and look forward to more next year.

Happy Christmas!
Marc Molloy Sole Cycling

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