We offer a great service to schools in the lead up to their Bikeability sessions. We come in to school, and for £10 we get the riders bike ready for them to take on the road.

We adjust the brakes to make sure they are both working

We adjust the seat height to suit the rider

We clean and oil the chain

We tighten all the bolts throughout the bike

We adjust the gears to make sure riders have a full range

We pump up the tyres

Yesterday at Yatton we had 12 bikes to fix prior to their Bikeability in a fortnight. Bikes that are serviced are much safer, and much easier to ride, making riding them much more fun!

If you are a parent of a child doing Bikeability soon, then please do get out your letter and have a read through. You’ll see the first thing on there is an ABC check for the bike. If you can take half an hour to sit with your child and go through what Bikeabikity is all about, to watch the video link on YouTube, and to do the bike check and any alterations to the steed, then they will get so much more out of the sessions, they will be relaxed knowing their bike is safe, and they will enjoy it that much more, knowing what’s coming and what they’ll be expected to do.

If your school isn’t offering bike checks then please do chase them up, we’re happy to come in if they get in touch.

We also service adult bikes here at Sole Towers, so if you live in WsM then give us a ring and come and drop it off here, we’ll soon have it running as good as new.


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